Margie Wilcox


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Margie will fight for less government. Less government means more jobs!
Fighting for lower taxes!
Margie Wilcox: Homegrown Business Woman

Margie Wilcox

One of Us, Working for Us

Margie Wilcox Values


Margie is the only candidate who was born and raised right here in South Mobile County. She was raised on the ball field and in the church by God...
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Margie Wilcox Jobs


Margie knows a lot about creating jobs! Margie built her business from the ground up, starting with nothing and growing her business into the largest privately...
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Margie Wilcox Government


Transparency isn't enough - we need to put our government in a glass room, with glass walls and glass filing cabinets. The more light we let in, the more we can fix...
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