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Transparency isn't enough - we need to put our government in a glass room, with glass walls and glass filing cabinets. The more light we let in, the more we can fix. For more than 20 years Margie has served on the government relations committees of the Business Council of Alabama, Chamber, and transportation organizations. Some of the simplest legislation gets mired in silly political controversies. Margie understands that we need to get our focus off the political gamesmanship and target our efforts on helping the people of Alabama.

1. Reduce the size of government. There is no end to the progress we can make here. Like any large business there are always better efficiencies to be gained and fat to be cut. We need a permanent attrition policy in state government hiring.

2. Publish everything. The internet revolution makes public communication virtually free. Blogs, tweets, file sharing and cloud hosting are so cheap there is no reason we shouldn't publish every document created in state government. We can fix our broken system but we need every eye ball in Alabama watching the money and the power to make sure we can stay on top of it.

3. Stronger ethics laws. Just a few years ago our republican leadership did a great job in passing new laws to improve our trust and confidence in elected leadership. Unfortunately the loop holes have been found. Double dippers are still double dipping and the old revolving door is spinning even faster. I am a cheerleader for the conservative leadership in our state and I want to join them with a push to close those holes and keep the promise to be the most honest and transparent leadership in the history of Alabama!

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