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Margie is the only candidate who was born and raised right here in South Mobile County. She was raised on the ball field and in the church by God fearing parents who blessed her with an amazing life. Today Margie is pro-life and pro-family and those phrases mean something. “My daughter is a beautiful young lady in college today facing all the challenges of the world and I find myself reminding her - If we don't have our values, then what do we have?," said Margie. That’s something each of us in office should be asking every day.

Margie is a charter member of St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church. As a practicing Catholic she believes that we shouldn't be afraid to pray to God. Margie believes that we should embrace our faith and acknowledge that our country was founded recognizing a higher power. Praying at home, in church, at school, or in the car is a way of life which we should embrace. We need more prayer, not less.

Margie grew up in Theodore and spent many of her weekends at Theodore Athletic Association Park (known by most as TAA). Margie believes that families should spend time together. A family who plays together, stays together. We need to make sure that we are putting our focus on the quality of life our families deserve. By ensuring that our parks are clean and safe and that our police have the resources and the laws to fight crime we can keep families together and our children safe. We need a stronger focus on families!

As a pro-life Catholic Margie believes that we need to take any and every step we can to stop abortion in our state.

Margie Wilcox Values

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